Well you might as well just say, “Agriculture is in the blood.”
Justin and Cline Speer have grown-up spending their entire lives involved in farming and ranching. Their grandfather, Joe Hargrove, has ranched since he was in his early teens and owned/operated the local livestock auction, Southwest Livestock Exchange, since he was 24 years old. Their dad, Jimmy Speer, has been working alongside Joe in the farming, ranching and livestock auction business since he was only 20 years old. So you can see, since the time they were born, both Justin and Cline have been actively involved in both farming and ranching.

Justin Speer: 2004 Texas A&M University Graduate – Ag Development
– Owner/Partner – Speer Ag, LLC
– Married to Bethany Zaiglin Speer. They have 2 daughters, McKenzie & Madison
– Specializes: Hay Production, Custom Fertilizer/Spraying Application,
Custom Harvesting Grain Sales, Livestock Sales

Cline Speer: 2007 Texas A&M Graduate – Ag Economics
– Owner/Partner – Speer Ag, LLC
– Owner – Pairadice Transportation, LLC
– Specializes – All Types of Transportation Services, Custom Fertilizer/Spraying Application,
Custom Harvesting, Grain Sales, Pipeline/Right-Away Reclamation (Grass Seeding),
Tank/Land Clearing, Caliche Work